Drunk students damage Clare common room

Image credit: James F. / Wikimedia Commons

A Clare College common room has been closed after being damaged, allegedly by members of a drinking society.

In an email sent to the student body, Clare’s Estates Manager Stuart Baker said that the “Common Room in Memorial Court has now been closed temporarily due to an incident involving damage to the room . [...]

 “I will send an update once the situation has been resolved. Your access cards will no longer work on the Common Room door.”

Two students, thought to be members of a Clare drinking society, have apologised publicly for the closure of the Common Room, which they trashed after they had been drinking.

They said they had offered to clean the room themselves but were informed by the Head Porter that the damage needed to be dealt with by the college’s maintenance department.

Until the room has been restored, library staff and porters will not be able to give students access to the common room.

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