Group claims responsibility for rock thrown through window during NatSci lecture

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A group has claimed responsibility for a rock thrown through the window of the Department of Genetics during a lecture earlier this week.

The Part IB Cell and Development Biology lecture, which was being held at the Biffen Lecture theatre at the Downing Site on Tuesday, was interrupted by a “loud crash” after “some kind of rock wrapped in duct tape [was] thrown in”, students told The Tab Cambridge.

Broken glass was allegedly all over the back row of the lecture theatre, with one person present telling the Tab that “some people towards the front said they felt the glass hit them”.

However, the lecturer continued, reportedly joking that the person who had thrown the rock must be having a bad Valentine’s Day.

A student at the lecture, who wishes not to be named, told The Cambridge Student: “Vesicular protein sorting had everyone paying full attention when there was this loud crash, and shards of glass flew over the crowd. Everyone sat bemused for a minute, and then the lecturer just ploughed on anyway.”

In an email to colleagues, the Course Organiser, Dr Cahir Kane, wrote that the group “Cambridge Defend Education” had claimed responsibility for the incident, although they had not been aiming to cause damage to people or property.

They did not identify the individual members involved.

Dr Kane added, “It perhaps offers some relief that the incident was reckless rather that deliberate, and that the group has expressed regret.

“However, it is still the position of the University Proctors (and my own position as Course Organiser) that the perpetrators recklessly endangered the safety of others, and should still face the consequences for this if they are identified.”

No one was injured during the incident.

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