Fashion show headliner ends set early after hitting audience member

Image credit: Anna Harrison

Princess Nokia, the headline act of the Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show, apparently ended her act after just two songs when she launched an attack on an audience member. 

The hip hop and R&B artist is said to have begun her set by saying “there are so many beautiful women of colour in here tonight” and performing two songs before stopping abruptly thirty seconds into her third.

She then allegedly asked an audience member “are you being disrespectful?”, threw a drink over him, and leapt off the stage before hitting him three times, according to front-row witnesses.

The witnesses have told The Cambridge Student that the audience member may have provoked the singer in some way, but this remains unclear. 

Princess Nokia returned to the stage, threw another drink at the crowd and said “that's what you do when a white boy disrespects you”. She then stormed off the stage, ending the concert just two and a half songs into her set. 

The Charity Fashion Show took place on the evening of Wednesday 15 February, and was raising money for The Douglas Bader Foundation. 

Shortly after the incident, Princess Nokia retweeted @rosamariot, who said “@princesnokia just punched a white guy in the face for disrespecting  [sic] at a gig in Cambridge and walked off stage, i am LIVING YES GIRL”. The tweet was shared by dozens of other people. 

The audience member who was attacked told The Cambridge Student: “I was standing in the audience and was told by a fellow audience member that the name of the performer was ‘Abigail’. Given that I was enjoying the performance, I shouted out 'Let’s go Abigail!'. 

“After I shouted this, she came down from the stage. She slapped me and threw drinks on me.”

The fashion show and concert took place at the Corn Exchange on Wheeler Street. The Fashion Show Committee have previously faced controversy when the charity they initially chose to support turned out to be unregistered and based only in Florida.

The Committee were accused of failing to carry out substantial background checks, and were forced to drop the charity. 

The guest model Richard Browne Jr also dropped out of the show on the day, citing personal reasons.

The Cambridge Student await comment from event organisers.

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