Man trapped in Cambridge bookshop

Sidney Street, where Waterstone's is located.
Image credit: Scriniary

On Monday 13 February a man was trapped in Waterstone’s for over an hour after the bookshop had closed.

Oliver Soskice, a 69-year-old, had been browsing the upstairs section of the store at around 7 pm until he realised that it seemed too quiet.

Speaking to the Cambridge News he explained that he realised something was wrong when he came downstairs.

“But then when I came down there was an unearthly silence and then I realised I’d locked myself in.”

When trying to leave the store the alarms and lights were activated, but it was to no avail at first.

After ringing the police it took a while to find the appropriate contact numbers for the bookshop and Mr Soskice himself could not work out how to use the store’s telephone.

After a long wait of an hour and twenty minutes the manager came to his rescue, who commented that this had never happened to a customer before.

This was not a complete first for Mr Soskice, however, who claims that he has nearly been left locked in the University Library.

Commenting on his experience he emphasised the importance of remaining calm. “I was mostly thinking how on earth do I unravel this mess I got myself into.”

Still, it was not all bad news. After all, “there are worse places to be trapped than in a Waterstone’s.” Mr Soskice, a Cambridge-based painter enjoys browsing for books in the sections on philosophy and art.

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