Girton students victims of attempted mugging

Image credit: Photoglob Zurich / Wikimedia Commons

Two students from Girton have allegedly been the victims of an attempted mugging, according to an email sent to the college’s student body.

The students were approached on Friday evening, by two people who “attempted to mug them” as they were returning from the Girton Road Co-op.

However, “the would be muggers made off when the student waved down a passing car”.

In the email, Brian Buncombe, Girton’s Deputy Head Porter, said that “Full details of the event and descriptions are being collated and a further report will be circulated as necessary.

“This appears to be an isolated incident, and it is stressed that no mugging/robbery took place, although any attempted theft is still a serious offence and will be reported to Police,” he added.

The email urges Girton students to “take extra care when out of College after dark and where at all possible when going to the Co-op etc that you do not go alone.”

This follows a recent incident involving a student from St Catherine’s, who was assaulted on Silver Street. On that occasion, the college’s Senior Tutor Paul Hartle suggested that the student might have been attacked because he was wearing a gown, and advised that “it might be prudent for a while at least not to wear your gown about town.”

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