Christ's considers punishing undergraduates, after formal hall disruption

Christ's College Formal Hall Image credit: Jorge Royan

Students at Christ’s have been given a “second chance” after the college considered closing formal hall ten minutes after the serving of coffee following recent rowdiness and damage, including the theft of the college’s gong banger.

A post from the college’s JCR president on its Facebook group informed students that Christ’s was considering this action due to several factors, including rowdiness after superhalls, and broken glass being found on the balcony when it had not been in use at formal, prompting the college to suspect students had been throwing glasses up there.

Following correspondence with the JCR and the anonymous return of the gong banger, formals will continue as usual.

However the ten minute rule will be implemented with immediate effect if there are further similar disruptions to formal halls.

A Christ’s undergraduate commented: “I think it’s completely absurd that they plan on punishing us like children. I think people should take responsibility for their actions – find the moron who smashed the glass and fine them harshly.”

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