ARU Student invites anti-abortion campaign to Cambridge

Counter-protesters, who were intially stationed outside St Mary's Church, crossed over to the Abort67 demonstration in order to obscure the images displayed. Image credit: Kasia Ruszkowski

Today, Abort67 took to the centre of Cambridge to display graphic photographs of unborn foetuses to passers-by, which were obscured by counter-protesters from WomCam who held signs bearing pro-choice slogans.

Speaking about the event today, Abort67 spokesperson Ruth Rawlins said: "just as the abortion industry is working hard this year for abortion up til birth with no exception, we are working hard to let the general public see the humanity of the pre-born child, and the horrific reality of abortion, to give these children a voice as they cannot speak for themselves."

CUSU Women's Officer Audrey Sebatindira commented: "WomCam is inherently pro-choice and the reason we came to protest was partly to cover up the graphic and distressing images that they have because it can be really disturbing, particularly to people that have had abortions but also to the general public.

"We know that any challenge or attempt to prevent somebody from having a safe and legal abortion is an attempt to take somebody's bodily autonomy away and their right to dignity, so we couldn't let people push those views unchallenged so we came to challenge them."

The group was invited to Cambridge by Manuel Ngochinya, a male Film Studies student at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. He said that the aim of the display of graphic photos was to "engage the public in peaceful discussion".

In an interview with an Essex-based newspaper, Manuel said that he first became interested in the matter of abortion when he became a Christian, and began to think about the worth of human life.

He told the newspaper that he was motivated to stand up for the unborn, "who are actually the most vulnerable and voiceless" in society.

2017 marks 50 years since the Abortion Act was passed in 1967. Abort67 is a campaign group and ‘public education project’ that seeks to change public opinion on abortion.

The group say that "it is definitely not our aim to upset women who have been through the trauma of abortion." 

One Abort67 member said: "If it's getting the abortion debate out then it's been a success. We've got a lot more work to do, this is just the beginning."

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