Spanish exam paper found to include video transcript

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On 24 May the second-year Spanish through Audio-visual media exam was interrupted by the inclusion of the video's transcript in the question paper provided to students. 

The exam was held at 2pm in Lady Mitchell Hall at the Sidgwick site.

The exam involves watching and answering questions about a short video in Spanish, and the transcript of the video in question was accidentally given to students. 

This was discovered after the exam had begun, during the 2 minutes the students have to read the questions before the video starts playing. Almost immediately several students noticed an raised their hands to notify invigilators. 

There was then a chaotic moment in which the examiner was unsure what course of action to take, and appeared to telephone someone to ask. The students were instructed to remain silent and to close the question papers. The invigilators then proceeded to collect in the question papers and rip off the back page on which the transcript was printed, saying in big letters "FOR EXAMINER'S USE ONLY"

Once the papers were modified they were handed back to students who then proceeded to take the exam. The exam was only 10 minutes delayed and the students were given the correct amount of time to complete the paper. 

The reaction from students was mixed, with Amy Cragg from Emmanuel college saying "in hindsight perhaps it was a deliberate way to lighten the mood."

The exam forms part of the SPB3 module taken by second-year Spanish post A-level students. 

This the second time that there have been complications with a languages exam, following the release of a first-year Italian exam on Moodle the night before the exam took place, meaning that students were required to resit the paper at a later date.

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