Study ranks Cambridge as the world’s eighth most expensive city for student accommodation

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A recent study by, an online marketplace that helps students find housing abroad, has found Cambridge to be the eighth most expensive city in the world for student rent.

The 2017 Global Student Accommodation Indicator showed average weekly rent in Cambridge to be US$272 – a number based on a representative sample size of over 8,000 international students renting accommodation in 92 cities across the world. The study takes into account student spending from 1 November 2015 to 31 October 2016.

Student rent in New York was ranked the highest, at US$431, followed by Boston (US$403) and London (US$359). Oxford surpassed Cambridge with an average weekly rent of US$288, putting it at sixth place.

The study, nevertheless, claimed that despite higher average spending by students to live in the larger urban centres, it is still possible to find “quality accommodation for less than £200 a week” in cities like London.

The study added, “When it comes to finding affordable housing, our advice is the same to students no matter where they’re heading. Student should always start their searches as early as possible and do ample research. Last minute searchers are at serious risk of facing a lack of options and rushing to book without adequate research.”

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