Great St Mary’s church to regulate wall of fliers

Image credit: Jean-Christophe Beniost

Cambridge’s city centre landmark Great St Mary’s church is set to become stricter with the fliers and advertisements put up on its well-known railings, following years of ambiguity as to who is actually responsible for them.

The railings, which have become an attraction in themselves, have long been used as a spot for posters and flyers advertising local events, including concerts and student plays. However, a notice recently attached to them by the church states: “Historically, the precise ownership of the railings at Great St Mary’s has been uncertain; however, it is now accepted that these are the property of Great St Mary’s and that Cambridge City Council (The Council) owns the right to decide what goes onto them since they have control of our churchyard for about 100-years now under the relevant legislation.

“We seek to regulate the positioning of these notices to the benefit of the greater community of Cambridge and Worshippers, and other users of the church site.”

Notices will henceforth be limited to those for its church, Michaelhouse, or University of Cambridge events, those supplied to Great St Mary’s by charity or voluntary organisations, those pertaining to certain business entities, and those of a legal nature directly related to the church, the University, the Council or the immediate environs of the church itself.

Amongst the new policies included in the notice are that posters can only advertise for events not more than four weeks in advance, and that old posters may not be removed in order to make space for new ones. 

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