King's Parade package deemed "not suspicious" by police

Image credit: Will Tilbrook

On the evening of Monday, June 5th, King's Parade and Market Square in Cambridge were cordoned off after a suspicious package was discovered beside a bin on King's Parade. Two controlled explosions were carried out by a bomb disposal unit, involving a robot; however, the police have now deemed the package as "not suspicious".

The large scale operation unfolded over several hours, in the wake of heightened security measures across the country, in response to two recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London. 

TCS brings you a timeline of the evening's events; on the ground reporting was from Will Tilbrook:

19:15 Police cars drive down King's Parade, Cambridge News reports. 

20:15 Cambridge Chop House is evacuated. 

20:30 King's Parade and Market Square are cordoned off, with the area from Bene't Street to St Mary's Street blocked from the public.

20:35 Caius college, Corpus Christi accommodation on Bene't Street, and McDonald's on Rose Crescent are evacuated.

21:19 Caius college tweets that students in Old Courts are safe, while those in West Road have been able to return to their accommodation.

21:30 The bomb disposal van arrives, bearing a robotic device which is wheeled out and set up. 

21:42 Reporters are told to move back from the cordon and off to the side, while students from King's are asked to stay away from their windows.

21:43 The first controlled explosion occurs.

21:49 The second controlled explosion occurs, with a video captured by The Tab.

21:56 Cambridge Police tweet that following the two controlled explosions, no further explosions are anticipated.

22:12 The cordon is put down. Reporters and passersby are free to enter the site.

22:20 Police begin to leave the site.

22:24 Cambridge Police tweet, "Contents of briefcase destroyed in Kings Parade #Cambridge tonight was not suspicious, thanks for your patience, area reopened".

The Cambridge Police said, “Police were called at just before 7.15pm yesterday with a report of an abandoned briefcase outside the church in Kings Parade, Cambridge."

“Roads in the area were closed and nearby buildings were evacuated as a precaution. Explosives Ordnance Disposal attended and the briefcase was destroyed in a controlled explosion. It was found to contain books.”

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