Cambridge election results explained as Labour takes victory

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Labour clinched victory in Cambridge in the general election of June 8th, as Labour candidate Daniel Zeichner wins by a landslide of 29,032 votes. Vote counting began in The Guildhall at 10pm last night, with results announced at 2:57am. A significant 71.4% of the population voted in this election. The breakdown of votes is as follows:
1. Labour (Daniel Zeichner): 29,032 votes
2. Liberal Democrats (Julian Huppert): 16,371 votes
3. Conservatives (John Hayward): 9,133 votes
4. Green Party (Stuart Tuckwood): 1,265 votes

Zeichner won with a lead of 12,661 votes, a leap from the narrow margin of 599 votes through which he won in the last elections.

Siyang Wei, co-chair of the Cambridge Universities Labour Club, spoke to TCS after the vote count. "We were hopeful that we were going to win by a small margin. This margin was... incredible."

Upon hearing the results, Zeichner stepped forward onstage, and said, simply, "wow." He proceeded to counter Boris Johnson's comments from two weeks ago, which described Cambridge as the most left-wing city for the BBC Leaders' Debates to have taken place in. Zeichner claimed it is, instead, a city which is "educated, thoughtful, progressive", and "not likely to be taken in by a lie on the side of a bus". He then thanked the team involved in his campaign, and those who put their trust in him this election, replying, "I will do everything I can to repay that trust."

Julian Huppert, John Hayward and Stuart Tuckwood each came forward with speeches following the results. Huppert spoke of the importance of the student vote and the impact it could have had on the Brexit referendum, and wished Zeichner all the best for the next five years. 

John Hayward spoke of tonight's results as "a celebration of freedom and democracy."

Stuart Tuckwood emphasised the "shame that the system is so difficult for small parties", and urged all who were present to recognise that the Green party can make changes. "You haven't seen the last of the Green party."


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