Facebook event Running Through A Field Of Wheat gains popular interest after elections

Image credit: Callum Moran via Instagram

A Facebook event, Running Through A Field Of Wheat, has gained the interest of over a thousand people in Cambridge post-elections. The event, hosted by two students at Jesus College, Cambridge, comes as a dig at Theresa May's 'confession' of the naughtiest thing she has ever done.

The Facebook page came with the description: "feeling naughty? been selling arms to saudi arabia? privatised the NHS recently?
come join us for a cheeky frolick through fields of wheat, the farmers will love it xoxo".

This comes as one in a series of similar events taking place in other parts of the country, including Norwich and Lancaster. Others have a location listed as 'Any Wheat Field'.

The Cambridge event will take place on the days from June 9th to the 17th.

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