Do not use words such as “flair”, “brilliance” and “genius” due to their implicit gender bias, says Cambridge history lecturer

Image credit: Andrew Dunn via Wikimedia Commons

Lucy Delap, a lecturer in British history at the university, has revealed that History tutors are told not to use terms such as “flair”, “brilliance” and “genius” as they “carry assumptions of gender inequality.”

“Some of those words, in particular ‘genius’, have a very long intellectual history where it has long been associated with qualities culturally assumed to be male”, Delap, who specialises in gender history, told The Telegraph.

This comes in the middle of an overhaul of the university’s History curriculum. Delap says, ”We’re rewriting our first two years of our History degree to create a wider set of paper choices, to make assessment criteria clearer, and to really try and root out the unhelpful and very vague talk of ‘genius’, of ‘brilliance’, of ‘flair’ which carries assumptions of gender inequality and also of class and ethnicity.”

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