Pitt Club members vote to allow female membership

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After 180 years of men-only membership, the ‘resident’ participants of the notorious private Pitt Club elected to allow female members in a vote held last Tuesday. The news comes after years of rumours of infamy, including controversies involving initiation rites and general actions performed by members; it is thought that such a decision was made to attempt to improve the Club’s reputation.

From its creation in 1835 as a political and dining society, female participation with the Club has been limited to the position of guests accompanying male members. Whilst males could election to join the ranks of the association, female contribution faced hurdles; a situation rooted in the political climate of the 19th and early 20th century, at the time when women were forbidden the vote or enrolment into Cambridge University. Though the Club’s ambition has become more social than political over the decades, with their website boasting, “The Club’s founders intended the clubhouse to be a meeting place for members and their guests – a place where they could eat and drink in pleasant surroundings”, little has been completed to ameliorate the position of women within the club until now.

Their formal statement, released two days after the vote by a Pitt Club spokesman, said: “On Tuesday 7th November, a majority of the resident members of the University Pitt Club voted to elect female members. The Club looks forward to welcoming its first female members.”

It is understood that Pitt Club members have been discouraged from speaking to the Press about the recent development.

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