Sarah Sands appointed Honorary Fellow at Lucy Cavendish

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On Monday, Lucy Cavendish college announced that Sarah Sands, editor of Radio 4’s Today programme, had been appointed to the position of Honorary Fellow. 

Having initially been trained as a news writer at The Sevenoaks Chronicle, she has held high-level positions at The Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph (as its first female editor), The Daily Mail, and Reader’s Digest
Sands moved to the BBC in May, after working as editor of the London Evening Standard from 2012 - becoming the second woman to lead the Today programme. She came under fire for bringing in features on British fashion and influential celebrities - especially after her remark that she wanted the Today programme to resemble “an ambassador’s party.” In an interview with The Guardian, she shared that she wanted the programme to feel like a TED Talk: 
"At the end of the programme, I want people to feel better informed but also enlightened. If we can provide that, that’s a hell of a public service.
“It’s the nearest thing to a broadsheet newspaper on the radio,
“It’s odd that people now have this thing of saying, ‘Why do you have this mix of subjects – why fashion?’”

Sands’ appointment at Lucy Cavendish will be celebrated on the 23rd of November with a "an official ceremony, […] followed by a talk, which is free and open to the public.” On the Lucy Cavendish blog, she was quoted as saying: “I am looking forward to being part of Lucy Cavendish College, a community of women who share my values of free speech and representation for women.”
In response, the College President Jackie Ashley gave a statement, writing: “I’m delighted to welcome Sarah Sands as an Honorary Fellow. She is a pioneer for women in the world of news and the media, and there has never been a more important time for women’s voices to be heard loud and clear.”

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