New waffle cafe in Cambridge serves 'dark chocolate Darwin'

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A new Hong-Kong style bubble waffle cafe has opened by the Lion Yard St Andrew's Street entrance in Cambridge. 

The cafe, known as Bubble Tap, cooks batter waffles in special moulds to create a magical 'bubble' effect. 

Founded by business partners Zachary Latif, Yas Parvizian and Zubair Rasool, Bubble Tap has opened on the site of the former Cinnabon shop.

It is hoped that the bubble waffles, which emerged in post-Second World War Hong Kong in an attempt to save on eggs, will be popular in Cambridge.

Zachary told the Cambridge News: "This new concept of bubble waffles has proven to be very popular in Asia and we thought it would add to the variety of Cambridge life."

The cafe offers a range of colourful fillings and toppings for customers to spice up their desserts, including a number of gelato fillings named after some of Cambridge's famous academics.

The gelato options range from a matcha 'Newton', a dark chocolate 'Darwin', a strawberry 'Hawking', a vanilla 'Franklin', an espresso 'Turing', or a 'Maxwell' that comes without gelato.

Zachary added: "We just sat down and thought which scientists would go with which flavours, what their personalities were like".

"Newton was quite an eccentric genius we felt he would be a matcha style. Darwin was solid. He's a chocolate man."

It is hoped that the cafe will also serve gluten-free waffles and coffees and teas. 

Bubble Tap is open from 8am to 8pm, every day of the week!

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