Former Trinity Hall senior lecturer apologises for "sexist and sexual" behaviour

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CN: sexism, sexual assault

A retired senior lecturer from the Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages apologised yesterday for the “sexist and sexual” comments he made to female students, condemning his “thoughtless, insensitive and offensive” behaviour and claiming he is now “fully supportive of efforts to ensure this kind of incident never happens again.”

Allegations against Hutchinson, who was a fellow of Trinity Hall, were raised in 2015, prompting an internal University investigation which resulted in a ban against Hutchinson contacting undergraduates, and a cessation of his teaching. Hutchinson had officially retired in 2011, continuing his teaching as a non-stipendiary fellow of the college; but the accusations from ten female students resulted in the immediate termination of his work. He later admitted to remarking on the appearance of female students in his supervisions throughout 2014 and 2015.

His public apology this week came through the University, and was first reported by the Cambridge News. The News reported that his words came two months after the establishment of the University’s ‘Breaking the Silence’ campaign, which aims to fight against sexual misconduct. Hutchinson’s apology also referenced this measure, stating:

“I have learned from this experience and am fully supportive of efforts to ensure this kind of incident never happens again”.

Additionally, a spokeswoman from Trinity Hall said “the resulting action taken after the informal investigation was communicated directly to the students concerned, and was accepted and welcomed by them as a satisfactory resolution of their complaint against Dr Hutchinson.” The BBC News, however, remarked that Hutchinson remains in an advisory role in Trinity Hall.

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