Petrol and diesel cars may be banned in city centre

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The Cambridge City Council is looking into the possibility of banning petrol and diesel cars in certain parts of Cambridge city centre, as part of their efforts to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Areas that might see the ban of petrol vehicles include Market Square, in the hope that the suppression of petrol and diesel vehicles will encourage the use of clean, electric operators. 

Lewis Herbert, leader of Cambridge City Council, told Cambridge News: “Whenever there are changes proposed in the city centre, there is opposition at the time, but I think everybody realises that by reducing people’s ability to drive through the historic core, we are making it a better city.

Hebert’s comments were made at the west central area committee on December 6, during which transport director for the Greater Cambridge Partnership, Christ Tunstall, added that the GCP is considering other options such as a “clean air zone” and electric buses.

Herbert added: “We need to look at how to reduce the impact of delivery vehicles – we need to switch them over to clean, electric operators.”

Opposition to such a ban has been predicted, and a conclusion has been reached that a "public dialogue" must be held in 2018 to further consider the banning of petrol and diesel vehicles. 

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