Trinity Hall professor banned from College after second enquiry into sexual misconduct

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Banned from teaching undergraduates in September 2015, and under investigation since November 2017 for attending a lecture where undergraduates were present, Peter Hutchinson will now leave Trinity Hall College. 

The first investigations in 2015 were a result of allegations that he had made comments of an ‘inappropriate sexual and sexist nature’ during supervisions.  Hutchinson denied these allegations on academic grounds. Following the recent claim in November that he has not abided by his resulting ban against contact with undergraduates, ‘he will not be present in college at any time in the future,’ said a Trinity Hall spokesperson.  Hutchinson was aware that not following his sanctions would result in further investigation and as a result of this second enquiry he has agreed to leave.

Hutchinson maintained his position as an advisor on the College’s investment committee after the sanctions in 2015.  Reactions among the students who accused Hutchinson varied in response to the College’s reaction.

One complainant was upset that the College had not been faithful to its ‘zero-tolerance’ policy and it was only months ago that the university released its ‘Breaking the Silence’ campaign.   The campaign involved remark about student-staff relations, and Hutchinson had supported this movement in his recent statement prior to his second investigation.

This article was altered on 3rd March 2018. TCS would like to state that Hutchinson was found not guilty of sexual assault in 2006, something the previous article did not make clear. 

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