Toby Young quits role in University Regulator

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Following virulent criticism against his appointment, most recently the campaign by nearly 100 Cambridge academics in an open letter, Toby Young has today announced in The Spectator that he is resigning from the Office for Students.

Claiming that his 'appointment has become a distraction from its vital work of broadening access to higher education and defending academic freedom', Young affirmed his positive 'track record' against the barrage of claims against him, 'unreservedly' apologising for allegations of 'ill-judged' past conduct, but acknowledging that such history is only a detriment to the work of the Office for Students.

Discoveries made following his appointment a mere eight days ago have drawn attention to his controversial opinions against accessibility as a Spectator columnist, and distasteful Twitter remarks against homosexuals, women and children. Indeed, in an effort to wipe his record, Young deleted thousands of tweets over the last week, and was later publically reprimanded by Theresa May, who claimed she had not been aware of his offensive language before his appointment, and stressed he would be sacked if it was repeated. She is yet to comment on his departure; as is Boris Johnson, who had initially defended Young on Twitter as the 'ideal man for [the] job'.

The Office for Students, which aims to 'put the student interest at its heart' in an 'innovative...approach to student participation, success and employability', is scheduled to be fully functioning by April 2018. In a comment, Daisy Eyre today claimed she is 'relieved' Young has resigned: she argued Young's appointment 'showed that the board didn't have students' best interests at heart', and so detracted from its ambitions. 



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