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TCS is recruiting for positions for this term's print and online editions. We're looking for keen editors, who are dedicated to producing progressive content on a weekly basis, for the following sections:


  • Comment

As Comment Editor, you will have one of the most sought-after positions on the paper. How to beat the competition? Convince us that you can source witty, well-written articles on relevant topics. We want comment to be as fresh as possible, with a Cambridge/student edge. You should have a clear vision of what you want your section to contain from week to week - and the closer your subject matter is tied to the news section, the better.

  • Features

In the new structure of the paper, this section offers a chance to explore Cambridge and the issues students are interested in, in a way that's topical, imaginative, and informative. One week you might be researching the history of Cambridge during World War 2, and the next you might be imagining a week in the life of one of Cambridge's more troubled college masters. The style of writing is quite reporting-based but with the scope for a more casual tone.

  • Music

You will get your hands on preview CDs sent to us by PR companies, and free tickets to gigs in Cambridge and London. Each week, you will work with our writers to gather album reviews, as well as arranging exciting interviews with your favourite artists, and sourcing top-notch music features. Basically, we're looking for anyone who can combine good writing with an insatiable love of music.

  • Food & Drink

People in Cambridge are obsessed with many things - and their appetite for food and drink is one of them. We'll expect the food & drink editor to source recipes suitable for the basic student kitchen, local restaurant, cafe and pub reviews and features on all the culinary particularities which Cambridge has to offer.


We are also on the lookout for theatre reviewers and interviewers.

All applications should be sent to The deadline will be midnight on January 28. Please include your name, college, year of study, and contact details in your application.

If you have any questions about how the paper works, the application process, or what the job entails, please do not hesitate to email Juliette Bretan or Molly Moss, the Editors-in-Chief for Lent term, at


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