CUSU Candidate wins MP's backing

Image credit: Rashidat Animashaun

Rhiannon Melliar-Smith, one of the candidates for Access Officer in CUSU’s upcoming elections, has today received backing from Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner.

The Co-Chair of Cambridge University Labour Club, Melliar-Smith has also worked with MP Daniel Zeichner to lobby for the payment of the Living Wage by the University and has taken part in political campaigns.

Announcing the news on her Facebook page, Melliar-Smith is running on a manifesto of promoting regional diversity in applications by hosting open days and outreach events in areas of the UK where travel costs to Cambridge may prove prohibitive for potential applicants, recognising disparities between state schools, and challenging the university for its current rent policy.

The Manchester-born candidate has also promised to work alongside organisations such as Target Oxbridge and FLY Girls of Cambridge to increase representation of BME students at the university. Over the 2015-6 application cycle, only 21.9% of applicants from the UK were from minority backgrounds.

When asked for comment, Melliar-Smith said she was “really happy” to bump into Zeichner whilst out canvassing and to have received his support after having worked together so successfully on previous occasions  

Asked whether the MP’s support would encourage Labour-voting students to support her campaign, Melliar-Smith replied: “As much  as being a member of the Labour Party is a big part of my life and of my time in Cambridge, I hope that my policies and manifesto will appeal to a wide range of students who care about equality of opportunity, and alleviating the access issues that derive from social inequality both in Cambridge and among potential applicants.”

Daniel Zeichner MP has also been asked for comment. 


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