Follow our Hustings livestream here!

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Follow our livestream of the CUSU Hustings here, as the students vying for places argue why you should vote for them. If you're unsure who to support when voting opens on 6th March, TCS will be at the University Centre all evening, covering the events as they happen.


The running order and candidate list can be found below:

5.00-5.20 Uni Councillor: George Breckenridge, Hugo Larose, Marcel Llavero Pasquina

5.20-5.45 Access and Funding: Rhiannon Melliar-Smith, Shadab Ahmed

5.45-6.00 Womens' Officer: Claire Sosienski Smith

6.00-6.25 Welfare and Rights (CUSU/GU): Christine Pungong, Walinase Chinula

6.25-6.40 Education Officer: Matt Kite

6.40-6.55 Disabled Officer: Emrys Travis

6.55-7.25 GU President: Joe Cotton, Mrittunsoy Guha Majumdar, Sofia Ropek

7.25-8.00 CUSU President: Evie Aspinall, Siyang Wei, Connor Macdonald


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