Amatey Doku re-elected despite lack of home support

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Former CUSU president Amatey Doku was re-elected as NUS vice-president earlier today, alongside Shakira Martin’s re-election as NUS president.

Doku received 67.45% of votes cast, giving him another year working alongside Shakira Martin. The former Cantab received 373 votes, whilst Oppenheim scored 156 votes. A mere 24 delegates opted to re-open nominations.

Of the six Cambridge delegates at the conference, only one, Carine Valarché, voted for Amatey Doku, according to the delegates’ public spreadsheet of their voting records. Daisy Eyre, current CUSU president, and Connor MacDonald, a candidate in this year’s CUSU presidential elections, both voted for to re-open nominations.

Meanwhile, Miriam Gauntlett and Angus Satow both voted for Doku’s opposition candidate, Ana Oppenhelm. Lola Olufemi, CUSU’s incumbent Women’s Officer, has not yet released information on her voting record.

Doku’s lack of support from Eyre and MacDonald comes as a blow to the Jesusian, who was also Eyre’s college father during his time at Cambridge and her predecessor as Jesus College president and CUSU president. Doku’s campaign focused on his support for Shakira Martin, a controversial figure within the NUS, and increasing her appeal to a greater number of students.

Martin’s re-election took place with 352 of the votes in her favour, whilst the two other candidates Momin Saqib and Sahaya James received 168 and 104 votes respectively. 66 NUS delegates voted to re-open nominations, including Eyre, Olufemi and Gauntlett, whilst Valarché and MacDonald voted for Matin. Satow was the outlier, casting his vote for James.


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