The end of Cindies as we know it?

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Proposals have recently been circulated for the redevelopment of Lions Yard, home of Ballare and Wednesday Cindies.  These include the "relocation of the nightclub into a purpose-built unit in the basement of Lion Yard".  The changes are part of an attempt "to provide a modern experience which contributes to a vibrant Cambridge City Centre".

The propsed changes also include a "new hotel", a "new and exciting food and beverage quarter", "alterations to update the outdated design and appearance of Lion Yard" and "public realm improvements".  If a successful consultation event follows, an application will be developed to be submitted in May. 

Lion's Yard was constructed back in 1975, but as recently as July 2006, Arlington Property Investors, now know as Aberdeen Asset Managers made an application to the City Council, to re-develop the Shopping Centre, after it had been refurbished in 1998.  Although planning permission was initally granted and the landlords consented, the project was never carried out.  

Plans for the redevelopment of Lion Yard will be on display opposite Sports Direct on Friday 20 April: 10-3pm and Saturday 21 April 10-2pm. 

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