Union releases Easter Term lineup

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With the mission to “bring out the best of Easter term, in amongst the worry of impending exams”, The Cambridge Union has released its Easter 2018 term card.

In two days time, the Union will host its first event, a debate concerning the universal basic income.  This will kick-off the terms debates which will continue to seek answers for the pressing questions in a world of uncertainty and change". Weekly debates will assume a focus on geopolitics ranging from the future belonging to the East, to the boycotting of the FIFA World Cup held in Russia in light of the recent Salisbury attacks, as well as a discussion concerning the legacy and practice of Neoliberalism. Week 4, however, will provide respite from the slew of political conversations with the Union hosting the Cambridge Footlights and the Oxford Revue in a debate as to wether it was better to have loved and lost. Among many others, debating guests include: Adam Smith Institute founder, Dr Madsen Pirie; founder and Chief Executive of Show Racism the Red Card, Ged Grebby; writer and activist, Beatrix Campbell OBE; chief foreign affairs commentator for the Financial Times, Gideon Rachman, and Head of the Asia-Pacific Programme at Chatham House, Dr Champa Patel.

Beside debates, the Union welcomes a range of speakers from across the board.  Amongst this lineup, highlights include “one of Britain’s most impressive and adventurous classicists”, 99 year old Joyce Reynolds, who will discuss the past century of British history and its hopes for the future alongside Tessa Dunlop.  John Simpson, BBC World Affairs Editor, will also be welcomed in Week 1. The next week will see Judy Murray, highly decorated national tennis player and mother to her “grand-slam winning sons” Jamie and Andy. Week 3 will host both Adamu Iwu, president of the We Said Enough foundation which aims to eliminate all forms of sexual harassment, assault and bullying, as well as the former Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga. Anthony Horowitz, author of the bestselling teen spy series Alex Rider, and Kate Gilmore, the UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights will be welcomed the following week. Following a halt of debates and speakers between weeks five to seven, the Union will be open once more in Week 8 to welcome Tomi Reichental, who, deported as a young child in 1944 to the concentration camp Bergen Belsen, was released to the discovery that 35 family members had been murdered.

Furthermore, in upholding its President's mission “to engage with the conversation we should be having as a student body”, the Union will host a number of panels alongside debates and speakers. Union+ will open “the chamber to a refreshing range of topics”. As an example, the Union gives their upcoming panel on Week 2 discussing BME representation on stage and screen as well as the preceding week’s panel on the dichotomy between town and gown. Epishkina and her committee stressed their excitement for the upcoming term card, wishing to maintain their promises as well as provide enjoyable activities for the student community to enjoy.

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