Applications are open - be an illustrator, photographer, business manager & more!

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For each of these roles, please write 200 words on the ways you would improve this specific area of the paper.  No experience is required but if you have some, include it in your application!  Freshers are more than welcome to apply, particularly if you already have your results in hand.  Applications will re-open after A-level results have come out.

Business Team

You will be responsible for sourcing advertising for our print and website and you will help to manage some of our finances.  Partnerships with some of the University's leading institutions are currently in the works.  Looks great on the CV.

Events Team

TCS will be looking to host all kind of fun events in Michaelmas and if you want to help to organise these, apply!  These are likely to range from writing socials through to club nights and everything in between.   


Throughout our paper, we need high quality photographs to tie in with key news articles, Cambridge features, interviews and more. As Staff Photographer, you would be responsible for covering emerging stories, and sourcing pictures for regular features from a range of sections. Whatever your interest – news, portraiture, food, nature, still life – if you’re a keen photographer, and want to see your pictures reach a wider audience, this is the role for you.


If you are looking for a creative and exciting role that sees your artwork reach a wide audience, the role of Illustrator could be for you. You will work closely with the rest of the team to create stand-alone visual content, cartoons, images for articles, as well as doodles to illustrate themes. This is a section you can take in a lot of directions, giving you a platform to experiment.  If you have a particular type of broadsheet illustration in mind, please include this in your application.

Social Media Team

In an online term, social media is critical for the paper. There is no point making high-quality content if no-one ever reads it. We are looking for someone with the charisma and creativity to consistently draw attention, as well as innovative ideas that will help us reach our readers. If you can see yourself writing a Facebook post that reaches thousands, keeping our Twitter updated, and even developing our Instagram account, send an application our way!  We are looking for a team of people so feel free to apply for a specific social medium 

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