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This coming term promises to be one of the most exciting in TCS history, with a series of soon-to-be-announced updates. Prime positions are still available in the TCS Michaelmas team, and so if you’re interested in journalism, the arts, student life, or if you feel you could contribute in any way, send us an application at Deadline for applications is August 23rd. 

Applications should begin with your name, college, year of study, contact details, and the role you want to apply for. A 500 word statement should then follow, detailing any relevant experience and, if applying for an editorial role, your ideas for the section, its content and its style. If applying for a non-editorial role, begin similarly and then outline your plan for the role and how you would achieve it. Don’t be put off if you’ve never had any experience in journalism – an original vision and a bit of panache are just as valuable.

Editorial positions include:

Comment Editor – student opinion is guaranteed to be one of the most prominent sections in the new publication. Your role will be to give a platform to the voice of the actual Cambridge student. This will include commissioning comment-pieces on hot-topics, as well as on topics that you feel aren’t getting enough attention, and you will also be in the position to encourage the creation and publication of articles by students who might have never written before, but who strongly feel they have something worth saying.  

Sex and Relationships Editor – are you unafraid of exploring the taboo? Interested in the intricacies of love, sex and gender? A regular subscriber to the Amorist? Then make sure you apply for the sauciest role in the paper - which also has the potential to provide much needed coverage of the darker issues around love and sex. The content you’ll provide can be as fun or as hard-hitting as you see fit. Has the added bonus of being hard to miss on the CV.

Lifestyle Editor – a huge opportunity to spearhead our new magazine, filling it with whatever you believe can be, and ought to be, justified under the section’s title. The potential scope is vast, covering everything from fashion to travel to food. A deputy Lifestyle Editor position may be created to help manage the workload, so don’t hesitate to apply: you’re twice as likely to get a role.

Books Editor - take charge of all things literary at TCS. Decide what books you think ought to be reviewed or receive more attention. Reviews are by no means what defines this section of the paper – shine a spotlight on forgotten authors, prescribe literature as an antidote to certain issues, explore a person’s bookshelf and see what it says about them: it’s yours to shape.

Creative Writing Editor – Forge a new section by filling it with original, student-written poetry and prose. Choose whether to revive the traditional or promote the avant-garde, or even contrast the two. TCS is going to be hosting events to coincide with magazine launches, and so this position comes with the added role of organising readings at these.

Other positions include:

Resident artists and designers – strong aesthetics are going to be needed on every single page, and so we’re looking for a whole host of creative types who can provide backgrounds to complement the articles. Experimentation and bold ideas are welcome. Ideally we’re looking for people who want to become a part of the team, and have their style be a definitive part of the new TCS look, but applicants who want to provide a few illustrations or pieces here and there are also welcome. Please include some proof of artistic talent in your application.

Photographer – show your parents that a GCSE in photography wasn’t a complete waste of time. This position comes with the potential to have your name spread across the entire paper, and have your pictures printed in a high-quality, gloss magazine. You should own your own high-end camera, and when applying please include example pictures.

Open roles for TV – TCS Telly is coming into existence this term, with mini-documentaries and mini-series already planned. Specific roles have yet to be decided, but if you have had any experience behind or in front of a camera, or would like some, then 

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