Next Editor-in-Chief

Matti Thal 10 March 2020
If you walked past the Apollo Belvedere in a skip you would stop and look, wouldn't you?

Would you like to be Editor-in-Chief of TCS?

As Lent Term limps to an increasingly Spring-like close, with daffodils splashing the promise of future sunshine across gardens and parks, so does my period as Editor-in-Chief. Being at the tiller of The Cambridge Student, which I think is something of a fast-moving fishing boat rather than a cumbersome trawler, has been a pleasure this term. Whether it was reading the extensive variety of sometimes quirky and occasionally brilliant submissions, or the simple satisfaction of admiring quickly changing content and busy social media pages, it is a role and an opportunity to shape a publication which I can recommend with sincerity. There is much afoot at TCS, be it the return of print editions or changes to our online presence; the next Editor will need to lead these changes and make them into the great successes they could be.


If you are interested in the position please email your application (pithy rather than loquacious) to , outlining your journalistic experience or skill set and vision for the publication.

The deadline will be Monday 16th March.


There are also positions available amongst the dedicated team of Section Editors, on which more details will be provided soon in the Writers’ Group on ‘Facebook’. If you interested in becoming a Section Editor please also email , even if merely to inquire.