Nightmarish nail polish

Anna Carruthers 29 October 2014
  1. Apply a clear base coat to protect your natural nail and prevent staining.
  2. Ghost: Cover the entire nail in a white polish (Revlon White on White £6.49) to create the body of the ghost. Using a cuticle stick or dotting tool, dab some black (Rimmel Black Out 800 £3.69) near the top of the nail to create the shape of the eyes. Make sure to leave enough space to then create the mouth below. Dab one large dot in the centre of the nail and then another smaller dot connected to it but slightly to the right. This will give the ghost greater facial expression and differentiate it from the eyes. For added detail, use a tiny amount of white to give the eyes pupils.
  3. Frankenstein: Cover the entire nail in a green polish (Barry M Spring Green £2.99) to create Frankenstein’s skin tone. Use a black striper or cuticle stick to draw a straight line close to the nail bed, forming Frankenstein’s mouth. Repeat two-thirds of the way up the nail to create the forehead scar, adding shorting vertical lines. Between the two lines dab some more black polish to create the eyes, adding pupil detail in the same way as the ghost. For the hair, draw triangles outline to create a fringe and the fill it in. It is best to do the hair last otherwise you run the risk of not leaving enough space for the facial features.
  4. Pumpkin: Cover the entire nail in an orange polish (Barry M Tangerine £2.99) to create the signature colour of a pumpkin. Use a black striper or cuticle stick to draw short jagged lines in the bottom third of the nail. This will create the distinctive mouth. In the top third of the nail draw two triangles for the eyes.
  5. Spider: Cover the entire nail in pale colour such as taupe (Marks and Spencer’s Buff £3.50). It is just acting as a background for the actual spider design. Use a dotting tool or cuticle stick to create an elliptical circle in the bottom half of the nail, forming the spider’s body. From off of this body draw four thin curving lines on each side to create the legs. This is best done with a striper to create as smooth a curve as possible. Use the same tool to then draw a small thin line from the body up to the corner of the nail. If your nail is long enough you could even draw the outline of the web.
  6. Mummy: Cover the entire nail in a white polish (Revlon White on White £6.49) to act as the colour of the bandages. For extra authenticity dab a tiny amount of yellow (Barry M Lemon Ice Cream) along the edges to give the appearance of age. Again, using the black striper to draw two diverging lines in the top third of the nail and then fill in the space between them to create the darkness of the eye slit. The rest of the white space should be filled with criss-crossing black lines to form the bandages of the mummy. These needn’t been in any order. In the filled black eye slit dab two white circles for the whites of the eyes before taking a smaller amount of black polish and adding pupils.
  7. Cover all the nails in a top coat to improve longevity and add shine.