NUS Delegate Elections: Lola Olufemi

Catherine Lally 30 October 2017

In the run up to the elections for the new Cambridge NUS delegates, TCS is speaking to all candidates about their manifestos, what they would accomplish, and why they are best suited to carry out their roles. Voting opens at 00:00 on the 31st of October, and closes on the 3rd of November. The following is a transcript from an interview with Lola.


How will you carry out the key points in your manifesto?

By voting in favour of motions that prioritise those points and making links with other delegates in order to share best practice and discuss how they have dealt with similar issues.


Why would you be a better NUS representative than the other candidates?

I think I have a lot of experience in the student movement and the way that student organising works. I'm familiar with the way NUS conferences work and have never been scared to voice my opinion. It's part of my job to stay engaged with NUS so I also have knowledge of what its key priorities are. 


What would you like to achieve in the position?

Representing the most marginalised students being able to vote in their interests to make sure that they are not forgotten at a national level in the same ways they often are at an institutional level


What do you think are the biggest issues facing Cambridge students today?

Mental health provision, accessibility of college buildings and faculties, sexist and racist institutional cultures.


If you could only make one change in Cambridge, what would it be?

Decolonised curricula.