NUS Presidential elections to take place at the National Conference in March

Will Bennett 10 February 2018

The list of NUS National President candidates has now been published for 2018 and the competition looks as strong as ever.

The first candidate is Momin Saqib.  He is the first non-European international student to become President of King’s College London SU in 144 years.  Pledging to unleash the potential of the NUS to help students and alleviate the “internal political turmoil” he plans to transform the NUS to make it work more effectively for its membership.  Saqib’s campaign tag line is “Leadership, Transformation and Success”.

Second is Sahaya James of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.  She defines herself as a “socialist feminist and activist”.  James wants to democratise the internal workings of the NUS and re-establish the incredibly important links with the activists on the ground who “have the real capacity to reshape education and society”.

Last is Shakira Martin seeking re-election under the mantra, “Time To Get Real”.  Previously elected to “listen, learn and lead”, she stands by her previous pledge to effect the “huge changes we all want to see in our education system”.

Voting will take place at the National Conference in Glasgow between Tuesday 27th and Thursday 29th March.