Odd Balls…

Bex Law 7 February 2010

Bex Law takes a sideways look at the world of sport.

A hellish season, a heavenly answer…

Marine FC in Crosby, Merseyside, have had more than their fair share of bad luck. In this season alone three players have left the pitch with broken bones, four players have been banned by the FA after a betting inquiry, the team’s centre half Joe McMahon was involved in a car crash suffering severe whiplash and in a game which the team were leading 2-1 the floodlights died causing the match to be cancelled. On top of that their losing streak is now five games in a row. Feeling that desperate times call for supernatural measures manager Kevin Lynch called for the services of Father John Ealey of St Aloysius in Roby to bless the pitch. The Priest prayed and poured holy water onto the turf on Tuesday.

Skouch Potatoes

For those of you who have been inspired by the wintery weather but just can’t bring yourself to leave the sofa, the new sport of Skouching (also known as ski couching by those who can be bothered to say two words) would be the perfect for you. All you need is a combination of an old sofa, some skis, a snow-covered hill and some willing participants and you’ll be skouching away. The YouTube video shows nearly 50 people piloting their homemade Skouches in Utah. The LA Times featured the video on their website with a ‘skoucher’ to explain just how it’s done. He even includes some general social advice on how to get a group together: “You make a facebook event and you invite all your friends, and they invite all their friends, and you have a lot of people show up and everybody who can grab a couch somewhere that they don’t mind trashing they throw some old skis on it, bring it up to the hill and ride it until it breaks.”

To add insult to injury

Those of you who prefer a more active brand of winter sports could find it stinging your pocket more than usual in event of an injury. The Telegraph reports that the Austrian emergency services now demand that injured skiers pay before any treatment is given. To that end Ambulances in the Austrian Tyrol have been fitted with a machine to take on the spot card payments. One skier from Germany said he was asked to swipe his bank card prior to treatment, “the crew started pushing buttons and then they said ‘sorry but we have to charge you 230 euros now'”. He added, “They were obviously very embarrassed.” The emergency services have defended the decision asserting that injured tourists are hard to track down for payment at a later date.

Bouncing bunnies

Be prepared to be so very proud of your fellow countrymen. A new craze of ‘Rabbit jumping’ has taken off in Britain. Although there is at present only one rabbit jumping club in the UK, (with the inventive name of Rabbit Jumping UK), the sport looks set to leap to new heights of popularity this year. Maureen Hoyle, a retired office worker, visited a rabbit breeder in Sweden where she was inspired by the sport which is already popular in Scandinavia. Hoping this would take off in a similar way to Ikea, Maureen began to train her rabbits to jump. Asserting that “The rabbits love it” Maureen spoke to the Telegraph of the “more serious competitions” where the obstacle has a “delicately balanced weight at the top which will fall if the rabbit makes contact. That will add a penalty to the rabbit’s total time.” The current world champion can clear obstacles of up to three feet.

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