Oman calls for Jailbreak duo

Zoe Silkstone and Fenella Chesterfield 30 January 2014

We are currently writing this on extremely little sleep after our rather adventurous weekend away (although we heard there was a serious storm in Cambridge while we were jet-setting.) It feels so surreal to be back, especially as we were at the beach a few days ago. We knew that we wanted to do Jailbreak together a while before the actual event but hadn’t really planned anything. To be honest, we just wanted to get out of the country and hopefully out of Europe. As freshers, we thought this would be a fun practice to gain experience for next year.

After running around Cambridge in a bright red onesie and a coat reminiscent of Joseph’s Technicolour Dream coat, we managed to get enough money to catch a train to London. Fenella walked the length of the train, raising £100 before we got to King’s Cross. Once in London we went to the Flight Centre on Baker Street (to find out how much we needed to raise to get out of the EU), which soon became our life saving pit-stop. We then brought our early morning running tactics to London and ended up raising another £200 before heading to the Ritz – we’ll refrain from the depressing details of that venture. Having spoken to our new best friend Sienna at the Flight Centre, we went to the BBC to try and raise more funds. We bumped into Hugh Pym, who generously donated and asked his colleagues to do the same. Finally, we ran back to the Flight Centre, having spotted a flight to Dubai leaving at 9:10pm on Friday.

We relaxed for a day in Dubai, doing all the necessary tourist attractions, but then got the message about a potential threat heading towards Dubai. We knew we had to do something drastic, and ended up hitching a lift to Oman. Through wit, charm and running over sand dunes taking pictures at midnight, we somehow managed to pull it off and win our first ever Jailbreak!

It’s still surreal. Sitting here in our rooms, we still can’t quite believe we did all this in a weekend. We now have £1,675 raised on our raise2give page which is incredible. We encourage people to keep donating generously, and we hope that victory for us means victory for the charities too!