One night stands can end in love

Jossie Evans 13 February 2014

I will admit that I am writing only from personal experience in saying whole-love filled-heartedly, yes! A one night stand can certainly turn into something more serious.

I have no qualms in sharing my story, for it pays homage to my pulling powers. I had been drinking since midday starting on the wine before moving to cheap lager and finally gin. Lots of gin. In my inebriated state I had managed to sneak into one of the renowned ADC after-parties. By carrying a lamp from the Corpus Playroom to the ADC I had exerted more effort than most Thespians and gained my place amongst the stars of the stage. To cut a long story short, in the space of three hazy hours I had successfully convinced the lead role of the ADC late show to return to St John’s for an in depth tour… of the college.

I shall leave it to your rampant imagination to conjure up images of what occurred upon returning to my room. Despite offering my guest pyjamas, adorned with Welsh flags, she did sleep over.

I did not know at the time that those fervently fumbling moments would mark the end of my days as a singleton. Skipping cheerily through Cambridge the next morning I knew this would be more than a one night stand. As if by fate her face loomed from every wall and railing adorned with posters for her play and three months on things are still going strong.

Though not the classiest of affairs the one night stand skips the niceties. Having already done “the act,” initial awkwardness in the early stages of a relationship is bypassed. Likewise there is no risk of discovering once you’re emotionally attached that physical attachment is going to be more of a struggle. You will already know whether they’re a goer or not by whether they are “a goer or not.”

I am not proposing the physical side of things is the only priority when considering something more serious. But learning to trust one another, seeing someone at their most vulnerable and seeing someone stark bottom naked certainly helps.