‘One Thousand and One Recipes’: Society Suggestions from CU HummSoc

Molly Bolding 23 January 2019
Image Credit: HummSoc

The Cambridge University Hummus Society is one of the youngest societies currently in existence, having started in October 2018. HummSoc, as it is affectionately known, prides itself on creating inclusive social spaces and offering students of all subjects, colleges and years a chance to meet new people and make some new friends. It is arguably also one of the most diverse small societies, with members originating from Australia, Gibraltar and Singapore, as well as the UK, and encompassing a broad spectrum of religions, races and additional needs. As a result, its erudite members take an interest in a wide range of genres and styles of literature, as well as a few key texts about the foodstuff of the society’s name! All of these books were recommended by the members of HummSoc – if you’d be interested in meeting the people behind the titles, be sure to check out the Society on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their website: http://cuhummsoc.wordpress.com!

Image Credit: HummSoc

Hummus Bros. Levantine Kitchen: Delicious, Healthy Recipes Inspired by the Ancient Mediterranean – Christian Mouysset and Ronen Givon

This fantastic recipe book is much more than just crushed chickpeas and the customary pitas and crudités – with mouthwatering ideas for brunches, meals and the best hummus recipe yet, this book has it all. Mouysset and Givon have produced dishes that sell across the world, in markets and popups, and now own four high street stores. Funnily enough, the writers of this book are not in fact brothers, but met at Cambridge while studying Computer Science and Economics together!


Sugarbread – Balli Kaur Jaswal

As put forward by one of our Singaporean members, this book is a tale of racism, womanhood and life experienced by different generations. As the daughter Pin’s already complicated life is further changed by the arrival of her grandmother in her family home, she must continue to fight the injustices posed by her race and her status as a bursary student at a top school.


Women Who Ruled: History’s 50 Most Remarkable Women – Claudia Gold

HummSoc consists of students from a range of subjects and interests, especially the humanities, such as politics and history. In reflection of this, one member put forward this alternative historical perspective on three and half thousand years of leadership throughout human history – they are all women! From Queen Nefertiti to Margaret Thatcher, some of these short and engaging stories are truly inspiring.


Fireside Gothic – Andrew Taylor

A personal recommendation from a first year law student: this haunting collection of short stories explores a creepy cathedral, a disappearing cottage, and a scar that refuses to heal, amongst other new inversions of classic horror tropes.


Books vs Cigarettes – George Orwell

From the English and Law students comes this recommendation: Orwell’s classic collection of essays is entertaining, eternally relevant to the political sphere of today and considers the benefit and accessibility of reading versus the pleasures of everyday vices.


Where Rainbows End – Cecelia Ahern

When the serious academic work is done, a slightly lighter read can often help – this quality romance is the second by Irish writer Ahern; it is unique in its epistolary structure of letters, emails and messages; and was adapted into a hit movie in 2014.


Hummus! The Movie

While not technically a book, this epic movie gets an honourable mention due to its 17 film festival awards and nominations and its enchanting docu-series style. It demonstrates the power of food to unify people across nation and religion, while also attempting to break the Guinness world record for largest serving!

Image Credit: HummSoc