Out of the bubble, into the wallpaper

Charlotte Petter 11 February 2015

Plummetting into psychosis, The Yellow Wallpaper is a far cry from light entertainment. At a slim 6000 words, however, this classic is scarely twice the length of a weekly essay. 

Finding time to breathe, let alone read, can be a struggle during term, but even the busiest bee could devour Charlotte Perkins Gilman's novella in days, if not one sitting.

You may even relate to the narrator's feelins of insanity and confinement, her barred room like the inescapable Cambridge bubble.

The novella's discussion of mental health makes it act as a grounding force during times of immeasurable stress, numerous essay crises or some hideous mathematical equation, giving a helpful sense of perspective on your distress. And crucially, it is a reminder to look after one's mental and physical wellbeing.

We are inundated with this issue in week five, but 'Week Five Blues' are not restricted to a single week. Anybody can suffer, at any time. Cambridge is stressful, so get out of the bubble and into the pages of The Yellow Wallpaper