Oxbridge student starts sex blog

Andrew Georgiou – Deputy News Editor 18 February 2010

A female student has started a lengthy public blog called ‘Sex at Oxbridge’, detailing her sexual encounters at university. The blogger describes herself as “a fairly attractive”, “highly intelligent Oxbridge student currently shagging my way through the half-term hump”.

She exclusively told The Cambridge Student (TCS) why she decided to start the blog: “I’m a fairly private person when it comes to my sex life, shocking I know, which is part of the reason I decided to start writing about it.”

She said, “the clumsy moments are what really make sex fun in my opinion. It’s not about having porn-style sex, it’s about seeing people in a different light and the funny moment when a guy is on top and trying to shimmy his trousers off. There’s really no graceful way to do that whilst horizontal.

“I try to make it relate to all university students. Our common ground is sex and studying. For me probably a bit more sex and a bit less studying though.”

She wrote on her blog: “I enjoy sex. A lot. I am unapologetically and unquestionably a closet nympho.”

But she added: “I was still a virgin when I was 18 and wouldn’t have been able to even answer a multiple choice question on how to give a hand-job. However, after swiping the ol’ v-card I made up for lost time and began engaging in what I’ve come to consider a close examination into the sociology and psychology of sex.

“I would say a man’s priorities in life are usually food and sex, and they will gladly do either whenever the opportunity arises.”

She told TCS that she is not planning to reveal who she is: “I have absolutely no intention of revealing my identity, mostly because in some cases that would involve revealing other people’s identity and I want to protect their privacy as much as I want to protect my own. Besides, my mum would kill me.”

The blog is online here.

One of the most widely read sex blogs in the world was also written by a student. Dr Brooke Magnanti, aka Belle de Jour, began blogging in the final year of her PhD at Sheffield University.

Andrew Georgiou – Deputy News Editor