Oxford rejection letter turned into artwork

Matt Gurtler 16 January 2017

18 year old, Claudia Vulliamy from Camden school for girls in London received a letter on Wednesday informing her that her application to study Classics at Wadham College, Oxford had been unsuccessful.

By Thursday she had cut up certain lines from the letter and turned them into a larger piece of art, a photo of which was tweeted by her mother, Louisa Saunders.

The photo quickly went viral, being retweeted by notable accounts, such as ITV News, Wadham Student Union, and Frank Cottrell-Boyce. 

In his tweet, the novelist wrote, “If you want to do anything worth doing you have to learn to embrace rejection – here’s a brilliant lesson in how to do so.”

Vulliamy said she was shocked at the sudden popularity of the painting, and hopes that it has helped other people in her position. “I saw this rather momentous letter and felt like making it into something.
“I think it’s cheered people up, especially people who have also missed out on a place. I wouldn’t have thought that not getting into Oxford would have ended up making my week.”

Her mother says that the artwork is not for sale, but that they will be getting it framed. Claudia did receive other university offers, including one from Durham, and is now working towards meeting the grades for that offer.

More of her art, including pieces from her A-Level portfolio can be seen on her Instagram account which is quickly gaining followers.