Pentathlon Triumph at Millfield

Catharine Wilson 15 February 2008

The Cambridge University Modern Pentathlon team dominated the Millfield Invitational Tetrathlon last weekend. The competition is an annual event in the pentathlon club’s diary and acts as an excellent checkpoint for how training is developing in the run up to the Varsity Match in April and is useful for the selection of the Blues and Reserve teams.

The first event was shooting, twenty competition shots with air pistols over a 10m range. Lucy Greenwood (Ladies’ Captain) won her section with an impressive score of 172/200 and Sam Openshaw won the Mens’ category with a score of 162/200, setting the club up with an excellent start. Heading out to the wet and windy running track we prepared for the 3km run. Hannah Darcy, a fresher from St Catharine’s, ran in her usual gazelle-like fashion to finish in 12:08mins, impressive even without taking conditions into account. Laura Sutcliffe, who has also joined the club this year, came in second, made all the more impressive when she later found out she had also been nursing a broken rib! There were also some especially great races from Emma Kenney-Herbert (Club President) and Vicky Bradley. On the men’s front, Noel Cochrane, the Gentlemens’ Captain, ran in in 11:38mins with new recruit Daniel Housley close behind to take second place. The epee fencing competition involved fencing between all the male and female competitors in the Junior and Senior categories which can be a great way of learning new techniques and strategies. Lucy Greenwood and Becca Riiser triumphed in the Ladies’ event with Riiser taking overall first place with a total of 13/22 hits, a great achievement after only having taken up fencing when she joined the club at the start of the season. Cochrane had a blast for the Men, winning a total of 18/22 hits in his characteristic style.

The last event of the day was the 200m swim, held in Millfield’s 50m pool. This has the great psychological advantage of halving the number of lengths of the race from eight to four. Nicky Brooks was on form producing a swim of 2:44mins and a personal best time was also gained by Becca Riiser and Daniel Housley. Cambridge Ladies and Gentlemen had swept the board in their respective categories to win the Tetrathlon Competition, with Nicky Brooks taking first place and winner of the swim, with a total of 3132 pentathlon points, Cat Wilson in second with 2940 points and Hannah Darcy third and winner of the run, with 2824 points. Noel Cochrane finished in first place for the Men with 2832 and took the winners title for the fence, run and swim.

The combined squad results over the weekend show how the pentathlon club is growing as there has been steady improvement visible in all events over the season. Hopefully this will continue as the build up to the Modern Pentathlon Varsity match begins in earnest.

Catharine Wilson