Personal Playlists: Songs to get busy to this Valentine’s Day

Tom Ronan 12 February 2015

Blind date may be over, but Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and we all know what that means… it’s time for some serious lovin’. Here are my suggestions for a perfect night.


'Let’s Get It On' – Marvyn Gaye

This song has probably been on more sex playlists than any other, and with good reason. In fact, there’s a high chance that you were conceived to this song. Oh wait, maybe that’s too weird for you to find this song sexy. Oops.


'Inside My Love' – Minnie Riperton

There really is nothing better than some slow R&B for creating that intimate romantic atmosphere that Valentine’s day is all about. Make sure the room is mood lit to perfection, but avoid candles if you’re living in college accommodation – fire alarms definitely aren’t sexy.


'Drops' – Jungle

This tune is perfect for a smooth and sexy warm up. Let’s get busy.


'The Zone' – The Weeknd ft. Drake

This seven-minute song is great if you want to avoid interruptions (if you can last that long).


'Intro' – The xx

Sometimes lyrics can just add extra clutter to the sensual experience. If that’s the case for you, stick this atmospheric instrumental into your playlist. Warning: this song is pretty intense, so be ready.


'Warm Water' – Banks

A slowly pulsating beat and sultry female vocals make this tune a winner in the bedroom.


'Adorn' – Miguel

Another winner, this song really needs no introduction. Just put it in your playlist, ok? You can thank me later.


'Come Away With Me' – Norah Jones

Riddled with innuendo, let Norah whisk you away into the night. A perfect song to be playing as you reach the pinnacle of your crescendo.


'I Just Had Sex' – Lonely Island ft. Akon

What playlist would be complete without the compulsory celebration song that is ‘I Just Had Sex’?! One of my best friends makes a point of sending it to me every time he manages to complete the deed. Hilarious.