Personal Playlists: Winter

Lucy Gledhill-Flynn 4 February 2015

Winter: an unstoppable force of pigs in blankets, snow (sometimes), rain (often) and being reminded that Bob Geldoff is still releasing the same song after 30 years. For me, winter equals food. But it also means discovering and often reflecting on good music, instead of essay titles.

This Is The Thing – Fink

‘It’s getting dark and it’s getting cold and the nights are getting long.' So, Fink seems to have nailed this whole winter concept. However, he’ also nailed the feeling of contemplative bewilderment, as ‘This Is The Thing’ signals inhabiting the winter inside as well as out.  Taking us all the way back to 2007, Fink takes a beautiful major intro and scraps it for a rushing minor ending and what disturbingly sounds like someone inhaling through a gas mask in the background.

Look at the passion on his face! Credit: YouTube


Gospel – The National

The National seem to have been creating good records for as long as Bono has been creating bad ones. Baritone Mark Berninger’s seemingly bottomless voice definitely has affinity with holiness for me and the title of this track fits perfectly. 'Gospel' moves slowly, as though awakening someone from a deep sleep, speaking of wondrous future moments. Envisioning a future where Berninger will ‘pour a nice icy drink for you’. Frankly, it would be rude to turn the offer down.

The National performing at MusicFest NW Credit: K.Par.Photo

Cut Your Teeth – Klya La Grange (Kygo remix)

Although the previous tracks may have felt lethargic at times, the Kygo remix of Kyla La Grange’s 'Cut Your Teeth' tends to shake up winter in a "let’s sway our hips slightly" kind of way. Kyla La Grange sounds like what I’d imagine a bird’s song would sound like if a bird could form words and speak English. The remix of 'Cut Your Teeth' might ring a sadistic note at times with ‘Come back, break your bones I’ll cut you up and never let go’ but the overall sound is soothing.

Kyla Le Grange looking fly in the video for 'Cut Your Teeth' Credit: YouTube

In a Week – Hozier Ft. Karen Cowley

Hozier and Karen Cowley’s harmonies combine on 'In a Week' track beautifully, and the marching tambourine shake in the background lends to hypnotise his listeners. I see this as an ultimate winter song, with lyrics that hunt to achieve a state of unmoving delight, somehow turning the image of a body feasted upon by insects into a desirable situation.

Karen and Hozier having a musical moment. Credit: YouTube

My Wrecking Ball – Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams can be a truly moody son of a mother, who refuses to be categorised into a genre of music, constantly experimenting with a variety of styles from country to hard rock. 'My Wrecking Ball' is a perfect example of his prowess: the chorus is addictive and the track is perfect for lazy winter 'nothing to do' nights in. Thank you to Ryan for gifting us with a more poetic image of the wrecking ball since Miley Cyrus decided to mount and swing upon one, forever tainting our minds.

Ryan rocking out. Credit: 6tee-zeven