Pervert targets Pembroke

Alex Coke-Woods 30 October 2008

Police were recently called to Pembroke College after a distressed student reported seeing a man “wanking” outside her bedroom window.

The man, who has not been identified, exposed himself in front of a second-year English student at about nine o’clock in the evening.

“I was lying on my bed, watching a film, just wearing thin pyjamas,” said the student, who does not wish to be named.

“There was a movement outside the window and I said ‘hello’, thinking it was one of my friends. I looked up and it definitely wasn’t a friend, just a man wanking, right up against the window.”

“It was terrifying,” she said. “I didn’t see his face – I was so taken aback by what I did see that I ran as fast as I could out of the room.”

The student said that she didn’t know how long the man had been watching her while he masturbated.

Her first instinct was to go and find two male friends. “They went round the back to look for him, but he had gone by then,” she told The Cambridge Student (TCS).

She explained that she now regrets not having called the porters sooner, and would advise anyone in a similar situation to contact college authorities as soon as possible.

“I was just really shocked. It wasn’t the first thing that occurred to me,” she said.

“You should definitely contact someone as soon as possible if something like that happens, in case they’re still in the area.”

The police, who were alerted the following morning, revealed that two similar incidents have recently taken place elsewhere in Cambridge. Students should be on their guard.

Vicky Bradley, hostel-keeper for the student in question, said: “It was horrendous for the poor girl, and we’ve all tried to support her through it.”

” Both the police and the college have taken it very seriously.”

“I’ve met with our Senior Tutor and college are putting into action some modifications to the house that will hopefully make it even more secure.”

Pembroke’s Senior Tutor, Dr. Mark Wormald, said: “We take the matter very seriously, and are working closely with the police. “
“We are currently taking advice from them about how to maintain appropriate security at the hostel.”

In a bid to make her feel safer, Pembroke offered the student alternative accommodation which was not on the ground floor.

But she says she still feels “safe-ish” in her current room.

She has “decided to stick it out” in her current room, in order to stay near her friends.

“I’m really angry about it, but I don’t blame the college,” she explained.

Alex Coke-Woods