Pete Doherty questioned again over death of Cambridge graduate

29 January 2010

The death of Philosophy graduate Mark Blanco is being re-investigated. Blanco allegedly fell from a balcony during a party in 2006 at which Pete Doherty was a guest.  No one was charged at the time, but Doherty faces fresh questioning after new evidence has emerged that Blanco was kicked out of the party twice before falling to his death. In an interview for The Sunday Times, Blanco’s mother stated that her son, who started reading Dostoyevsky at 10, had dreamt of returning to Cambridge to take a graduate course focusing on the life and work of Thomas de Quincey, the 19th-century author of The Confessions of an English Opium-Eater. Mrs Blanco says that she will “never give up” until she has discovered the truth.