Peterhouse blue – College will not hold a May Ball in 2008

Alex Coke-Woods 1 November 2007

Peterhouse May Ball “has not been cancelled,” according to the college’s JCR President, Ben Fisher – it just won’t be going ahead this year.

The next May Ball at the college will now take place in Easter Term 2009, following a decision made by Peterhouse’s Governing Body to hold the event once every three years rather than biennially, as it has been in the past.

College authorities are said to have been concerned about the effects of organising a ball on the college’s academic performance, preferring to limit any potential strain on the league tables to a once-in-an-undergraduate-lifetime experience.

And according to Ben Fisher, any student resistance to the decision is almost certainly doomed to failure. Despite JCR efforts to have the ball reinstated in 2008, “there will be no changing of minds,” he said.

“Peterhouse is the smallest college with only 250 undergraduates, and a committee of 16 constitutes 6% of that population”, Fisher continued. “If the exam results of all these people were to suffer because of a Ball, that would be a big blow to the college’s overall academic performance.”

Alex Coke-Woods