Physics fresher in bid to raise £5000 to get to his sister’s wedding

Megan Hughes 19 May 2014

A Cambridge Physics student has taken to social media in hope of raising funds for a helicopter trip across the UK to get to his sister’s wedding, which starts just 45 minutes after the end of his physics exam. Louis McBride, a Fresher at King’s, has made a Youtube video in a bid to collect £5000 of donations, which would enable him to arrive at the event on time.

The comedic video, which features Louis being prevented from travelling on a range of ‘vehicles’, has already had over 300 views since its publication this morning. In it, Louis is shown finishing his exam on the 7th June, before heading out onto the streets of Cambridge in black tie.

In order to raise the money, Louis has set up a Go Fund Me page which outlines his predicament. Since the video went live a few hours ago, the donations have increased from £20 to over £200, with one benefactor commenting “Get Louis to the choppa!!!”, whilst another wished him “Good Luck!”

On the page, the Physics student goes into detail about what he describes as a “painful situation”. Despite college staff permitting him to take the exam as early as possible, he is left “with around an hour between the end of [his] exam and the ceremony”. Louis acknowledges that hiring a helicopter is expensive, but says it is “the only possible method of transport which will get [him] to the wedding” on time.

After the death of the siblings’ grandfather in March, the family will “not feel whole” on the occasion, which is all the more reason for Louis to be able to attend. On the page, he states that any money raised which cannot be used, whether it be in excess of the target or too little to pay for a helicopter, will be donated to the East Anglia Air Ambulance service.

The King’s student also promises to post a video of the trip on the Go Fund Me page, if he is successful in raising enough money. He admits that he would be “distraught” if he couldn’t make it, and says that he would be “thankful for evermore” if he can.