PJ pub crawlers brave the cold

Sita Dinanauth 30 October 2008

What could be more convenient after an evening of drinking fine wine than staggering home and into bed already wearing your pyjamas?

That was exactly what the students of Cambridge did this week on Tuesday as braved the cold and rain to crawl the streets in flannel tartan prints, pavement sweeping pinstriped bottoms and big fluffy dressing gowns for the annual pyjama pub crawl organized by the Cambridge RAG.

The pyjama themed drinking session was organized to raise money for charity.

Some may view it as simply a fun way to justify leaving the house in inappropriate clothes or even a way of reverting back to your childhood after losing control of your co-ordination and slurring your speech while wearing teddy bear trousers after several pints, but the organizers have insisted it’s more about comradeship.

A spokesperson from Cambridge RAG told The Cambridge Student (TCS):

“People seem to enjoy the pub crawl more in pyjamas because it gives a bit of a sense of community – if you see someone else out in pyjamas you can generally assume they’re also on the pub crawl and it makes them easier to talk to.”

“It also generates some great photos!” the spokesperson added.

Despite the name, the pyjama pub crawl is technically not a pub ‘crawl’.

With the number of comfortably clad Cambridge students estimated to be over a thousand, the group was far too large to move from one pub to another like a herd of lost sleepover invitees.

In fact, the event was split between thirteen venues; Soul Tree, The Place, The Bath House, The Mitre, The Avery, Ta Bouche, The Maypole, The Slug and Lettuce, The Vaults, The Fountain Inn, The Clarendon Arms, The Bakers and The Cricketers.

The RAG committee vote by ballot at the beginning of the academic year and select twenty five charities out of a total of seventy nine which are on their list to receive the money raised from the pub crawl.

The list includes well –known charities such as Cambridge Rape Crisis, Against Breast Cancer, Deafblind UK, East Anglia children’s hospices, Make- A-Wish foundation and Women’s aid.

The perfect excuse, if ever you needed one, to give the streets of Cambridge an intimate view of what you look like at bed time whilst also raising money for charity.

Sita Dinanauth