Plagiarism Don in new controversy

Alice Gormley - Deputy News Editor 29 September 2011

Nicola Morrison, a Cambridge University Don guilty of citing a student’s work unaccredited in a publication earlier this year, has come under fire in Love Cambridge’s annual review for 2010-11.

The report, compiled for Cambridge City Council’s Strategy and Resources Scrutiny Committee on the 4th of July 2011, specifically addressed Morrison’s performance in her role as resident representative. Richard Taylor, who proffered an accusation of negligence, alleged Morrison’s “absence from board meetings”, owing to a preoccupation with academia.

Morrison’s use of multiple names, reported as ‘Nicky Morris’ in some board meeting minutes, was described as “dodgy, evasive” behaviour during the meeting, presenting her even more unfavourably.

Emma Thornton, responsible for the management of Love Cambridge, sought to exonerate the academic caring for a “young family”, pointing also to her efforts to visit Park Street residents association and the Federation of Cambridge Residents associations.

The report emerged on the back of Morrison’s publication of an opinion piece – ‘A Landmark Case’ – in the Journal of the Town and Country Planning Association earlier this year on which she was taken to task. It transpired that Morrison had committed plagiarism when the student in question reported the action to his tutors, resulting in official recognition of his contribution.

Alice Gormley – Deputy News Editor