Playlist: Let’s get ready for bed

Pippa Smith 9 March 2017

As we near the end of term capitalising on those ast few good nights of sleep to get you through to the holidays is a must. Sometimes the buzz of Cambridge life can leave our brains whirring a little too fast, and what better way to wind down to bed time than with another TCS Spotify playlist perfectly curated to help you in your hour of sleepy need (you’re welcome).

If you’ve fallen into the trope of the second year grandma like me, a solid bedtime routine is a familiar thing. If you still think early March is warm enough to brave the three minute trek to Life, then please have some of my cosy pearls of wisdom, or you’ll catch a cold. We can start of our chilled evening with some early Mumford and Sons, the soft guitar notes and beautiful harmonies of tracks such as ‘Sigh No More’ will doubtlessly soothe you softly into the late hours. A little Adele and Damien Rice can go along way too, though avoid anything too heart-wrenching – we want to snuggle up for some sweet REMs not lay awake yearning for relationships’ past.

Lesser know female acoustic artists Julien Baker and SOAK are both also perfect for a chilled night in. I particularly like ‘Sprained Ankle’ and ‘B an NoBody’ respectively. Both women pair beautiful lyrics with relaxed vibes which will pair perfectly with your cocoa and fluffy socks. Classic such as Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now’ and ‘Landslide’ by Fleetwood Mac also shouldn’t be overlooked.

I also often look to early Kings Of Leon for some bedtime chill. The rock band may be known for soaring ballads such as ‘Use Somebody’ but the more stripped back ‘Pickup Truck’ and ‘The Runner’ serve nicely for when you’re looking for something a little more laid back. ‘Conversation Piece’, from their latest album, WALLS, is also nice, with similar haunting vocals from lead singer Caleb Followill. Oasis’ ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ is also good for the rock fans. You can listen to your all time favourites, but in a slightly more moderated and restrained form.

Finally, I’d definitely recommend ‘Run’ by Steven Fretwell. You’ll probably know it as “that song from Gavin and Stacey” but as a full track it encapsulates everything you need musically to help you feel warm and ready for a snooze. Until the evenings get a little lighter, this is music that will make you savour an early night.

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